If you encounter any issues with the website or would like to contribute material, please email the site adminstrator at c.wickham@chriswickham.co.uk. All contributions will be acknowledged on their respective pages.

State which region you would like to submit material for in the subject line.

Keep unique contributions between 200 and 500 words.

If you are submitting material for a page which is currently blank, please keep your contribution short and sweet. While we would personally enjoy a thorough 1000 word analysis of a harmonic progression, casual readers may not be as fond of excessive music terminology. Please do try and compromise between musical analysis and descriptive language. If in doubt, refer to published material for a guideline.

Please cite any material you use which is not your own work.

Don't worry about following an academic citation format or any of that nonsense; we can sort this own ourselves. A link or page number of a book will do.

Don't be afraid of making a contribution if you're a non-musician!

Existing blogs discuss other topics such as historical information, geography or artwork. If you have something to say about history of a region or race, please do send it over and we can weave it in.
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