So, what exactly is 'The Music of Warcraft'?

What a good looking question. The Music of Warcraft is an interactive blog where users can embark on their own quest through Warcraft's musical universe and learn more about how it accompanies the landscape of Azeroth (and Outland).

Neat idea! Who's it for?

The purpose of this blog is to act as a resource to aspiring composers and those who appreciate the music of the game

Who's behind all this?

This project comes from the genius mind of Chris Wickham, a 24-year-old aspiring composer from the UK who also enjoys web design and the occasional videogame.

Why is the website half-broken?

Chris is an aspiring web developer as well as an aspiring composer, which means he's not particularly good at either. If you notice any bugs or would like to suggest improvements, do drop him a line in the from the 'Contact' section.

Why is half of it blank?

The blog relies on contributions from fans. If you're interested in writing something for us, visit the 'Contact' section!

But I don't know anything about music...

That's not a problem! We can all describe music as 'haunting', 'romantic', 'serene' etc. As long as you can string a sentence together and tell us how it creates the atmosphere of wherever you are, we're interested in your thoughts. Our experts can throw in some musical words to confuse you.

Oh god... you're not going to go all technical on us, are you?

Not at all! While we aim for the blog to be a resource for aspiring composers, we also want it to be accessible for the everyday fan. All content will hopefully be nicely balanced.

So I know a lot about Draenei lore, are my thoughts welcome?

Of course! The music often reflects the nature of each race. For example, all that twinkly harp nonsense and chimes we hear during our trek through Teldrassil is pretty fitting the Night Elves' elusive and magical nature!

Will my contributions be acknowledged?

Of course! We are thinking of introducing a page for visitors to find out about regular contributors in the future.

...even if I steal a bunch of stuff?

If you use anyone else's material in your own contributions, please do acknowledge this!

That 'Features' section is rather intriguing, what is it?

This section will feature larger contributions such as interviews with the composers themselves or links to more regular contributions, perhaps on an external blog.

Do you get paid for this fantastic resource?

I do not - this is an entirely non-profit endeavour. However, if you have enjoyed your visit, a donation towards the running cost of the website will always be greatly appreciated.

Finally, what exactly is a 'Warcraft'?

I think you're probably in the wrong place.

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